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NEW! CHANTSISTERS: "Singing Circles"

Music for Celebration, Ceremony, Collaboration & Community

Seven leading circle singers from across America offer a taste of some of their most requested chants, songs, and rounds -- songs of comfort and joy to lift the spirit and delight the heart.

This compilation CD features music by: Becky Reardon (New Mexico), Terry Garthwaite (CA), Kate Munger (CA), Joanne Hammil (MA), Velma Frye (FL), Sue Ribaudo (NY), and Leslie Zak (OH)


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Zax Trax 2000

WALK DANCE TALK SING is a lively collection of easy to learn songs and games from around the world, designed for grownups and kids to do together. Leslie sings and plays in 6 human languages - and wolf! Selections include Native American, African American, Chicano, and Arabic, and tucked in among the rhythm tunes are soft songs for lullabies and a special Blessing to share at meals. Walk Dance Talk Sing is appropriate for ages 6 months to adult.


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Zax Trax 1996

IF AN OSTRICH CAN YODEL Love of animals and the planet we share is the thread connecting 17 songs and stories from around the world in English, Spanish, Japanese, Yiddish, and animal talk. Designed to engage kids of all ages, Ostrich... is a participatory/interactive experience providing a variety of activity levels. The music ranges from quietly spiritual to hip-hop, from silly to serious and back again. If an Ostrich Can Yodel is appropriate for ages 6 months to adult.


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Leslie disappears into the music.  She tells every story and sings every song as if it were a face-to-face conversation.
  – KPFK-FM, Los Angeles


I really liked the silly songs, and hearing songs made by kids my age!


Made me think about other people and other countries, what they are like, and how much we are all different but the same.