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A truly multicultural album - Leslie sings in many languages, but always in the language and spirit of the soul of children.
   – Mimi Chenfeld, Author-Educator, Columbus, OH

The kids love it!  They choose "Lion Hunt" every day, and we've put away the Raffi records.
   – B. Rogers, preschool teacher, Columbus

 By the third night of hearing this album, my six-year old had learned two songs in foreign languages, drawn illustrations for every tune and game, made a notation chart of the wolf song, and decided that she could write a song herself."
   – M. Kimmel, Science teacher, Philadelphia Schools  

Wonderful! Warm, rich tones, great rhythms, my kids in class love it and my husband even sings along when we play it in the car.
   – Los Angeles Public Schools

This is delightful!  We simply don't get tired of it.
   –- The Brill family, Peoria, IL

Excellent. This is exactly what is needed - on so many levels - in the classroom and at home. Truly one of the best in the field.
   Los Angeles County Head Start

Wonderful work. All ages at our Kibbutz love it. Leslie deserves acclaim!
   – Anne Lief Barlin, Dance Educator, Israel

Leslie Zak forges community - she is deeply spiritual.
   – ComFest '99

 .... (She) reminded me of why I wanted to become a teacher
   – Columbus Public Schools