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  • Show how the arts empower basic learning, along with social and survival skills in young children
  • Boost adults’ confidence in their ability to lead “arts” activities
  • Share a cartload of new activities and projects
  • Provide a fun and energizing experience with unending carry-over potential

Time: 60 to 90 min.


“Boom - Chicka and 100 other things”

Active, fun, participatory workshop based in Creative Drama, music, movement - loaded with songs, games, stories, circle activities, all geared to nurturing Multiple Intelligence, creativity, individual and group skills, visual/spatial/audio awareness. Wear casual, comfortable clothes and shoes.

Time: 60 to 90 min.

“If An Ostrich Can Yodel, So Can I !”

Experience how the arts can be the best key you hold to learning just about everything - from curricula to life skills. Active, fun, hands-on workshop based in Creative Drama, music, and movement - loaded with multilingual songs, non-competitive games, stories, peace, environment/nature, literacy and math preparation, low/no cost arts projects , and some special circle activities, warm-ups and cool-downs. Activities promote imagination, confidence and trust building, communication skills, leadership and awareness development, multi-cultural appreciation, curriculum readiness. This is a play period. Please wear casual, comfortable clothes and shoes.


Inspiring, interactive, informative, fun - you'll be singing and dancing and playing with goodies from Leslie's presentations - New: "Feeding Your Spirit" - relaxation, restoration, renewal - pampering yourself for a change! With music, games, and gentle movement and ritual. A real treat.